Do people find that magnets / ceramic fibre / infared therapy products make any real difference imparted to just using an extra rug or stable bandages?

I purchased an infrared light to use on myself and my horse. I love using it as I have multiple pain causing problems in my back and the infrared does the trick, I have seen an incredible difference in the suppleness of my horse with using the infrared every second day on his back, neck and bum(he has no problems or injuries he is just extremely stiff). I also use it to heal cuts and it speeds up the healing process big time photizo vet care infrared light👍
So I actually have a bunch of Back on Track long sleeve t-shirts. I fell off and broke my arm just below the shoulder a couple years ago. I required surgery with a lot of hardware to piece the bone back together. Needless to say I have quite a bit of discomfort from scar tissue, etc. I purchased a BOT shirt and put it on after physical therapy and I literally had no pain within a couple of hours. You could also see a reduction of the swelling in my shoulder area. There’s no scientific research showing that ceramic therapy actually works, but I’m a believer!
Ceramic therapy is nothing more than heat, so if a heating pad would work so would the ceramics. I’ve had three professors tell me that magnetic therapy does absolutely nothing (two physics and one organic chemistry). I also like ice boots for cold therapy and compression as well as theraplate for increased circulation
I use back on track hock boots for my horse, I love them! They help heat his muscles before we ride, I put them on before I start to groom, about 30 mins. My TB had a very hard time at the canter and once I started using Back on Track it’s made al the difference! I highly recommend them
I agree that, especially the back on track products work well on my horses legs and backs and are also used for warming up or in the walker at our barn. In the Netherlands, also professionals like Jeroen Dubbeldam use BOT products for their horses.
I have to agree. The Back on Track products are great! I just got the hock boots for my horse and can feel a difference in her already. I also got an elbow brace for arthritis for me (which it doesn’t claim to work on) and it feels better than it has in over 6 months!
I have a horse with DJD and an old suspensory injury in hind leg. I used magnet boots before I ride and also ride with the Back On Track Polo wraps. I notice a difference for sure.
Back on track really works wonders on some horses. Worked with a horse once who came to the stable with the instructions that he needed back on track wraps. He never seemed to have any swellings in the legs, until one night he had normal wraps on, next morning they were huge! Never had that problem when he had the back on track wraps. So it can really work!
I use Respond Systems on my horses everytime after they jump. I use it for 30 minutes. It relaxes the muscles of the horses, after jumping. If they have any sore spots on their back it helps message them and relaxes their back. Hope this helps answer your question!
Magnet rugs do make a great difference
I use a Back On Track back pad for my young mare. She has scar tissue in her low back (SI area) from her previous career as a racehorse.

Before using the BOT back pad she would "drop" her back when I asked her to step forward after mounting. She would be stiff through her back until thoroughly warmed up. Now I use it 30 minutes before riding. Before getting all my tack and grooming kit I put the back pad on and groom with it on also. You are able to ride in it as well. Now my mare walks off without "dropping" her back, warms up much quicker and works well under herself.

I have some BOT products for myself and I swear by them!
I really like the back on track dressage boots and saddle pads. My horse is way more relaxed with these. And if you want to know if they work try the products for humans. For example the pullovers or gloves. They're amazing.
Hope that helps ..
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