Do you lounge your horse before a class? What are the benefits that you see from it?

I lunged mine so she would have her fun before I got in the saddle - the result? I stayed on through the warmup and class 👍
I always lunge all of my horses before a class, I find they focus a lot better. It helps to get the unnecessary energy out that would normally distract them. Tiffany foster has talked about this a lot of you want to learn more about the benefits from a professional.
Hey!! I ride young horses so I lounge them a bit so they don't have lots of energy when I ride them! But as they start to be more confident and responding to me properly, I just work them a little by hand and then ride them! Hope it helps
i do not because going in a tight circle is not good on the horse's joints. the same "benefits" of lunging can be accomplished by riding & doing a proper warm up.
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