What are some really high quality saddle pads? I'm trying to stop waisting my money on cheap ones!!

Equestrian stockholm or le mieux, also I absolutely love the eskadron and paddock saddle pads they're all gorgeous and high quality
I suggest Oglivy and Back on Track.
Le Mieux, Equiline or Eskadron are top notch😊
Le Mieux. Everything I’ve had from them lasts years. X
LOVE my ogilvy saddle pads. Once I started using them I had no clue how I ever used anything else
Ecogold!! Swear by them!! Won’t ride in anything else
Le Mieux or Equiline
I love equiline saddle pads. The quality is very good and the material allows the horses back to breathe.
Le Mieux
Ogilvy pads look great, are super functional, fit really well and last forever without fading or losing their shape!
Equiline & equestrian stockholm
I love oglivy
Ogilvy are one of the best saddle pads and half pads.
My favorites are mattes, acavallo and thinline. All three have different types of pads for every need.
They are a little pricey but if you invest in one of those it's worth it.
Hope that helps...
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