How do I get my baby horse to go through water?

So try and show him that the water is not gonna hurt him and you go threw it first, then so he sees that you are not hurt, then if he doesn't go to that force him show him who's in charge... What I mean is take the reins and pull him slowly step by step.
@katedewind thank you for the advice! I will definitely try this
First, I would start out by giving sugar to keep to your horse calm. Then, once he gets comfortable put water in a liver pool and put carrots in the middle of it. After he gets comfortable I would start leading him in the water slowly. Gradually, I would make the water higher as your horse’s confidence increases. Hope this helps answer your question!
I’d always start on the ground anyway! Leading him through it on foot. Or even just puddles/ leave a hose running over the yard to start! Then work it up or follow and experienced horse through it!
I find showing them it then get a horse that likes water to go through that shows them it's safe and they walk right through x
With the past comment I made it is meant as groundwork as if you don’t have good groundwork first you can’t then expect your horse to go up to it straight away 😊
@lianwilson even when I’m on him he won’t go through the water. If he sees it from far away say going through a shoot, he’ll freak out and spin around.
Hi Caitlyn
With my baby’s I just led them up to it and let some take a look and reassure them also with my older ones I lunge them near it then slowly work my way closer towards the water to the point where they are happily going through it!
Hope this helps
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