I have a huge problem with my diagonal. I never seem to know when I’m wrong. How can I fix this? Does anyone have any tricks for this?

When the outside shoulder comes back and up you should be sitting ( the shoulder should rise because the foot is hitting the ground) When checking remember to only move your eyes not your whole head because it makes your shoulders tip forward. It's a difficult habit to get into but once you get it you should be able to feel it without looking down to check. ( maybe YouTube a clip so you know what your looking for )
Hi Molly! It's a hard habit to get, to always check in which diagonal your on! Try start trotting near the wall, when your horse puts down the outside front leg you have to be sitting! When you get more feeling about this you'll know how to start trotting on the right diagonal! Hope it helps
Use two different color polo wraps and when the outside leg goes forward you go up
My instructor used to say : rise and fall with de leg on the wall ;)
Hope it help !
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