My saddle fits my mare and I don't need to fix anything about the fit. I always rode with a half pad because I thought it was better but do you think I need it?

Have it checked with half pad sometimes it can make the saddle a bit narrow .
If your saddle fits and your horse doesn't need the extra padding then you can ride without it.
I think if it’s custom and has been adjusted then there’s no reason to wear a half pad but if it’s just your opinion and someone else’s then I would use a half pad just to help their back.
If the half pad doesn't fit I would use thicker pads with no half pad or get a bigger half pad!!...🙂👍
If your saddle fits with out it then a half pad would be adding pressure points and actually make your saddle fit worse. Unless it is thin like a thin line I wouldn’t use it.
For jumping I want to because it provides extra support. I don't want the way it fits to change, I just want a little more support. Do you think it ok?
It's not just about the horse. I ride in a half pad always because it helps get my seat in the right place. Does it help you?
Personally if you don’t need to fix anything about the fit of your saddle because it fits your mare, I wouldn’t ride with the halfpad under it. It changes the fit of your saddle slightly.
I do want to use one for jumping but what about for flatting?
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