Do you prefer sheepskin half pads or memory foam ones and why?

I prefer a prolite. They absorb shock so are ideal for horses with old injuries, for example my horse has scars from a bad fitting saddle (we presume) I use it to protect those sensitive areas. Most important thing with using any pad is to make sure it is used correctly and doesn’t make a well fitting saddle too tight.
I like sheepskin better because they are more durable and work better.
Gaia Marinelli The purpose of a half pad is to help the saddle fit better. It has to rise again because it is pushed down when we ride.
Sounds right but why should the saddle come back up? Shouldn’t it fit more?
I feel the exact same way as @vanessaelizabeth
Sheepskin, because when the saddle puts pressure on the memory foam pad, it doesn't come back up. The sheepskin pad rises again, and isn't flattened
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