Would you know any tips for mentally recovering after a bad jumping accident that may have taken my confidence? Thanks!

Thank you Brooke!
Go slow and don’t let anyone pressure you! You need time to heal. And when your ready get back out there give it your all trust your Instincts
That's what worked for me anyway (except the rider confidence course, which I'd love to go on still even though I'm fine now) after I had a bad jumping fall. Hopefully it might be of some help to you
Thank you Caoimhe!!
Start back at where you are comfortable and work your way up. Don't over face yourself but don't allow yourself to get comfortable either. Get a good instructor or coach who you get on well with, and explain to them what's happened. There are also several rider confidence courses around that might be worth going to. And remember that it's perfectly normal to lose confidence after a bad fall, there's very few who haven't been through it!
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