Do you know very durable tall boots for hard work (I work 4-5 horses, 2 hours daily)?

I Used my Ariat Heritage Field Boots but they lasted 9 months
If your looking for long riding boots ariat ones are amazing ! There so comfortable and durable ! Mine have lasted a good 3 years now and are still in working order!
I would go for something like the muck boot company. If you work with horses you will probably go through them pretty quick and - as I say to anyone who comes into the shop looking for ‘druable’ boots - it depends on how you look after them. Horsey people are renound for not looking after boots. If you want a riding boot donlatelo’s are amazing, mike have lasted 3 years of riding daily - I add that I clean them religiously. But if you want a yard boot check ‘The Muck Boot Company’ or look into walking boots! I use SCARPA CYRIS MID boots and they are my life!
Donatello’s are amazing
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