Do all warmbloods try to take advantage of you? I am searching to buy one, but a girl told me if u see a calm one, then it is drugged. Do you have any experience ?

Are buying from, and make sure they are a reputable seller who would not drug a horse for a viewing. If the horse seems suspectly quiet, take a good look at the way they walk, and their eyes to make sure they are not drugged 😊
This is NOT true. I work at a farm that breeds warmbloods, I have worked at a race track with racing thoroughbreds, and I have worked with many quarter horses. All of these breeds contain horses that are nervous and anxious and reactive, as well as some that are dead quiet. Some warmbloods are quiet and calm and social almost from birth! Some TB's are also very calm even though they are not seen this way. Horses of any breed can be bad and take advantage. Just look closely into who you
Horses are creatures that will naturely test you if they are unfamiliar with the rider. Warmbloods are no different. In my experiences, this breed can run a little hot-headed, but there are calm ones.
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