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Bit or no bit?❤️🦄

Bit or no bit?❤️🦄
Depends on the horse. I ride my horse in both, a bit when training and bitless if I’m just having fun with him, sometimes bridleless.
Every horse is different!
As some kind as a emergency break. You have to use your legs and wight much more as u maybe usually do and don’t depend on your reinaids as much as you did before. And there is no greater feeling than jumping completely without bridle because your horse trusts you and you him.
I made the experience that even very strong horses react softer to the bit when you ride without bit from time to time. There a lot of different bitless bridels and you can try lots of ways to check what your horse likes best. Since I experiment with bitless and bit I recognise a change in my horse. He became very sensitive and seems to be relaxter during the training. But the most convincing point for me is that you as a rider change!!
You can’t ride and think that if your horse is strong you can use the bridle
I personally prefer to wear a bit, my mare is very strong and very energetic, I wouldn’t be able to ride her if she was bitless. Every horse have a different way and so different bits are recommended and sometimes some horses can even be rided bitless!
I personally prefer in a bit, however, I’ve ridden both. If a horse has a softer, more sensitive mouth I recommend trying bitless. They are both effective if used properly.
Depends on the horse In my opinion 😊