Good exercises to strengthen the riders legs on the ground ? 💗

If you have a resistance band (or any sort of strong elastic), make a small loop with it. Tie one end around the leg of a chair, and put your foot into the other end. Then just sit on the chair and pull your leg inwards until it's level with your body and release, repeating until tired then swapping leg. It mimics putting on your leg on a horse but with enough resistance to build strength quickly
And you can walk with keeping your heels down
And good luck😉
Squats and A B C AND YOU Need To swim and walk in the water
Squats and line jumps are helpful but swimming builds long my which is what gets used in riding whereas most other things build bulk muscle which doesn't help much however if you are not going to do swim correctly it's better to stick with other things.
Lunging with poles or on up and down terrain is probably your best bet.
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