How do you restore the magic to riding when you don't find it enjoyable anymore?

After a little over a year of riding, I got sort of bored of it, but I love it, and horses are a big part of my life. I forced myself to keep riding because I was afraid of losing it. But money was tight and Christmas was around the corner and my parents have irregular jobs (Pastor and real estate agent) so I had to quit for a few months. Taking a break was a really great thing for my riding. Now I’m pumped and excited to go back and I’m going back next week. So basically, I suggest taking a break for a month or two then going back, or however long it takes for you to get your passion back. Whatever works for you. Hope this helps💓
If it’s something you really loved before, you probably still love it but just need some time off. Take a week or two and don’t do anything horse related... no shopping, going to say hi to the horses, riding. You will probably realize that it is a big part of your life and by the time your break is over, you will probably be ready to come back. There’s no shame in taking a mini vacation! Everyone needs time off every once in a while😊
I have fallen into this rut a time or two. Recently, after an injury I have been feeling this way. What brings me out of it, is the connection I have with my horse. I do ground work with my mare at liberty (loose). Even if it just seems like I'm playing around with her, it makes me happy and feeling inspired. Generally we are working 5 days a week with a goal for the week I mind. A goal for the month and a goal for the show season we are coming upon.

Everyone and every horse is different in this situation and you have to find what makes you happy and you will feel more restored.
I think they are just periods.. happens to me too but then I try to imagine my life without horses and I just can’t
What's your general routine?
Try different things everyday! Don’t take it to serious.
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