My horse has not been ridden in about 4-6 months and he's not in the best shape, what exercises should I do to get him back into shape (we show and compete)?

You can lunge your horse every day to get energy and you can ride and get him in shape
I am currently rehabbing a horse that has been off for over 2 years because of an injury on a hind leg. To build muscle in the hind end I am doing lots of stretching work, getting him to reach down for the bit and work over his back. Lots of circles and leg yeilding, trot and canter poles to lift the hocks, and LOTS of transitions. Walk to halt, walk to trot, trot to canter, and walk to canter. Transitions build muscle quickly and keep them from getting tired and simply leaning on the forehand! Hope this helps 💕
I would say before u get back into any jumping just do loads of flat work for a few weeks anywya to get him fitter and in better shape and go over poles and all then to start back to jumping ,small grids would prob be best as he hasn’t done it for a while he could get very excited and rush so it would make him think more
There should be some fitness programmes if you google it? I normally start off week 1 with walking and trotting around the loop of road (30mins ish) then I build that up to pure trotting for weeks 2&3. After that you can add in cantering and schooling and then jumping. Like a person, you need to build it up! Hope this helps
we show and compete in the spring and summer and I'm starting to get back into it, i ride english and our favorite thing to do is jump. Ive ridden him a few times and he was perfect and not crazy at all but i know he is not in the greatest shape at the moment. please comment some exercises we can do to help with that and what i should do. I do not lunge him so letting you guys know now.
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