Have you got any tips on remembering a dressage test?

Always walk your test as if you are riding it. It’s also helpful to draw it on a board where you have drawn an arena. 😊 hope this helps!
We used to draw the arena with chalk and walk through the test on foot. It made it a lot easier to remember!
Thank you everyone
Hello!! Sometimes you can have a family or friend call out the test but for when you can’t, ride through it as many times as possible and trust your horse.
Thanks Sarah
Ride through it as many times as possible. I have an app called any dressage which helps me loads. Also drawing out the floor pattern on a piece of paper helps me!
I've two to learn and I usually mix them up lol
Hey! When I have competition, usually I memorize the test the week before so I practice it! What I do is imagine myself doing the test over and over! Usually I do this when I'm in bed before falling a sleep, it works for me! Hope it helps
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