What are your tips on getting your first horse?

Research lots!!!! It helps if before hand you lease a horse. Make sure someone who knows horses well is with you when looking like your trainer when your testing out a horse so they can tell you how you look
Have an experienced horse person with you. Ie, your coach/ trainer/ etc. They know what they are looking for (by this i andean any issues with the horse) and what would suit you best as a rider and your skill level.

Vet check with x-rays. You never know what you cannot see.
Hi! Take lessons and make sure you are commited to this!! Horses are a HUGE commintment to make!! Its like a full time job. Good luck and remember: Get a vet check before comminting! #adoptdontshop
Hey! I agree with Tamara, do a vet check, it will save you a lot of money in the future!
The first and most important tip I have is: Always get it checked by your own vet, depending on your purpose of the horse get it xrayed, and if the vet finds some flaws, look for a different horse. There are so many horses for sale, rather spend a little more money on a healthy horse than get a cheap one that takes hundreds or even thousands of dollars/euros/money on vet costs and little riding time.
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