What do you think about teaching a horse tricks to strengthen bond?

YES!! My mare can lay down, sit, bow, spanish walk, and ride tackless. She can also rear. She will now come to me in the field and I don’t have to do anything! It’s great for the young horse through senior that can’t be ridden anymore!!
Tricks can be a great way to strengthen communication and bond so long as it does not put the horse in a dangerous situation where either of you can get injured. You definitely learn more about their character as well!
I like it! Even just teaching them little things helps create a bond (I think). It also lets you spend more time with your horse while you aren't riding and helps you gain some respect and basic rules.
Hi Tiana
I have taught my ponies a lot of tricks and I truely do believe it strengthens the bond more than you can imagine anything to do with spending time with you horse will change the bond and teaching them tricks definitely helps!
I taught my horse a lot of tricks over the years and he enjoys it a lot, he will do anything for a treat or a back scratch! I do think it helps with some ground rules and respect, which enforces the bond with your horse. But with some basic ground work you can also strengthen the bond/mutual respect. A lot of tricks can help stretch your horses muscles such as bowing, lifting legs and so on. I see tricks as a fun way of diversifying the training of my horse 😊
I think it’s a great idea, as long as it’s of course in the ability of the horse. Nothing crazy. But I do bows and hugs and I play with my horses in their pastures. So spending time with your horse period helps with the bond. 😁
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