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Can I wear leggings or jeans for riding?

Can I wear leggings or jeans for riding?
Totally can. I generally wear jeans or breeches, I know people who wear leggings. Just depends on what’s comfortable. However for a show I would stick to breeches or jodhpurs, or for a western show, jeans😊
I only ride in leggings and breeches but I use English saddles. Just feel like jeans take away movement but I've ridden in quite some western saddles before as well and wearing jeans honestly was quite comfortable. But you might feel just fine in jeans just try it out and see what works for you.
i ride in both with western saddles
I don’t suggest jeans- too scratchy. Leggings will be torn to shreds. I wear Aztec Diamond Equestrian breeches and tops while riding!
Wouldn’t suggest jeans easy to sweat hard and trust me you will regret it. Leggings sure they are comfy and kinda like breeches but lighter
I ride I either jeans or leggings 95% of the time, I only wear jodhpurs at a show, having a lesson (sometimes) or at college. Tbh I've never noticed them being slippy but I've been riding in them a long time so maybe I've just gotten used to it
I wear nothing but breeches, I prefer a professional look when riding but there is another reason... My saddle is now ripped at the seams of the seat. I have always taken great care of it, clean and oiled regularly. I bought the saddle used, the the rider before me always wore jeans when riding. They completely wore out the seat and stitchings as per a saddle fitter/leather worker. I now need to replace my saddle. For that reason I will never wear jeans and only breeches.
Jodhpurs/breeches are designed especially for riding, however I prefer to ride in leggings and also many a time I have ridden in jeans but ride in whatever you find the comfiest as long as you are able to move freely x
You can but I suggest getting real riding tights or breeches. I ride with tights, so they feel like a normal pair of leggings except they have either a knee patch or full seat grip. The only reason I wouldn't ride with jeans or leggings is because they are very slippery and don't have grip.
Also, watch out for leggings that look fine until you sit in a saddle or go into jumping position, and then become very see through!
Hi Xadricta
Yes definitely just with jeans I find they are uncomfortable due to the design leggings are fine but they can get a bit slippery in the saddle so I would recommend riding leggings with are a different fabric to normal leggings or jodhpurs/breeches!
Hope this helps
Yes but think about getting breeches or riding pants
Better leggings, jeans are very uncomfortable unless you are riding western. Most equestrian brands now sell riding leggings.
A stretchy pair of jeans should be all right, tight leggings as well but since the material is not made for riding it may be prone to thinning or ripping if you use them a lot. Also watch out for chafing the inside of your knee from the stitching of the jeans. But for occasional use you should be all right 😁