Do you have any random or interesting horse facts?

They’re expensive and prone to hurting themselves...
They have four fingers (with the same bones as we do) inside the hoof.
They can see better in the dark than us, just take more time to adjust
The belief that they don't recognize their name is shit, I know some horses that do (recently discovered that mine looks at you when you say his paperwork name)
- When a horse gets enough adrenaline, the spleen gives out extra red blood cells in order to carry more oxygen around the body. This is like a boost button during exercise so the horse can go for longer.

- One of the reasons we can read a horse so well is because they use similar (and sometimes the same) facial muscles as humans to express thoughts.

- No study has shown that horses can learn from each other, therefore the age old habit of keeping young horses separated from those with vices has no scientific basis.

- There's no singular "alpha" in a herd. There are situational alphas so although there may be one horse they follow to new places (usually a mare), the could be another who's food dominant etc

- A lot of the time, when a horse is presenting as lame, stiff, sore, or one-sided, it's the rider at fault. Although we get a physio/chiro/osteo for our horses, we often neglect ourselves, but keeping ourselves straight and strong is just as important. So book that physio/chiro/massage, it's for your horse's good!
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