Do you have some suggestions for a training planning (exercises) for a jumping horse?

Hi Tamara. At the moment I am focused on the dressage work (flat work), but I also have to include in the weekly training two days of jumping exercises. I will try to diversify as much as possible to make the training more versatile. Thanks for the suggestions.
Training depends on the goals you want to achieve. Do you want your horse to be stronger and jump higher, or does it have to get quicker pulling its legs in, or does it need to learn to stay straight in lines or stay more calm? Grid work is always a good choice, as it helps all the above a little. Horsephysio has a lot of nice pole and grid work exercises on their Facebook page, and as L. Jelkmann said Eventiontv has a lot of ideas to take inspiration from! Just keep the training versatile and keep up your dressage work as well 😊
I recommend eventiontv on YouTube! They are showing a lot of different exercises for jumping horses.
Hope that helps...
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