Do you think pointing your toes just at random times makes it harder to get your heels down when riding?

I agree with Alannah. I have been dancing pretty much since I could walk and I have never had a problem with trying to put my heels down. It has become such a habit for me when riding that even when I ride a bike I put my heels down withou realising! 😂😂
I have danced since I was 3 years old, and honestly I think it makes it easier to put your heels down because you have more flexibility in your ankles. It is also safer if you fall off because your ankle can turn further without hurting it.
I was a gymnast for nine years before switching to riding (you have your toes pointed whenever your feet are off the ground in gymnastics), and had no problem sinking into my heels, so I would say no. But I would guess it would depend on how tight you are.
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