My horse loves going fast, sometimes his trot gets too fast in his attempt to canter, and I try not to let him until I cue. What should I do to improve his chargey-ness?

Of course :) hope it helps! Let me know if you are still having trouble
@sarkahna thanks so much for the advice💓
Poles. Toss some poles in the way and change up the pattern you trot over them. After a few minutes of this it usually settles them and focused them on something else. Once you can feel the settle praise praise praise and go town to a walk and let him relax. When he puts two and two together for walk trot transitions toss in a canter transition slowly. For the poles I usually set up a whole course with 2-3 poles at each standard and sometimes one in between those poles on a line.
Make sure you are leaning backwards sometimes horses think go when you are forward half halts and make sure your heels are down as much as possible.
@caoimhesweeney yes, half halts are becoming something that doesn’t prove very effective anymore as he has begun to ignore some of my cues. Thanks for the advice😊
Can you do half halt? They would likely help, but if not, once the horse gets chargey, bring him back to walk, or put him on a circle.

It also might help to not canter for a few sessions, just do lots of walk and trot so the horse stops associating trot with eventual canter.
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