Any tips on gaining confidence for jumping with a horse (4 years old) that refuses, bucks, rears and spooks a bit?

Restart to at ground zero. Getting a trainer to help you would be the best option but if you are not in a position for that than you need to restart the horse. Sounds like they were brought into saddle too quickly. The hardest part is having the patience to take the correct steps at the correct time. It is all too easy to rush a horse. Start small with a pole on the ground while you lead them over it at a walk and move up from there. The babies don’t know how to show or control their emotions. You have to teach them what is appropriate and what is not.
She's not sore 100% I've had everything checked back tack and teeth and full vet check , she's so good on the flat she bucks a bit but I've confidence on the flat so don't mind so much it's just the jumping gets me
Hi! In my opinion first of all you need a qualified teacher who can guide you the right way. Then is the horse sound ? Maybe he feels pain in some parts of his body and this doesn't help at all. Finally I would suggest that you try and go out on hacks if you can, because this makes horses much braver and relaxes them. You know sometimes it's all about the brain 🤔
Use a trainer to help. You can’t gain confidence on a spooky horse.
Get a horse trainer to teach you
Could be the saddle...

Hope this helps!!
You need to get a trainer with experience training horses, or send the horse to someone to restart him/her. If you don’t have the experience, you’re not able to counter act issues as they come up. And that’s alright, that’s why there are trainers around that can help you do this.

I’ve been riding a long time and I would have no patience or skill set to train a young horse. And I’m good with that lol.
Either get a good instructor or give the horse to someone else. You can't really teach a four year old with that many bad habits already, unless you yourself are confident doing so.

(Are you sure the horse isn't sore somewhere like the saddle?)
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