I have a 4year old and have done just up to 60cm on her at home. At what age will she be able to with stand a proper jumping routine for example once a week and maybe a bigger height?

I love the rule
3 year olds 3 times a week
4 year olds 4 times a week
5 year olds 5 times a week

Now this always depends on the horse as well but it is a general guidline to follow. Ages to show are typically
4 year old - <1.10m
5 year old -1.15m to 1.20m
6 year old -1.25m to 1.30m
7 year old -1.35m to 1.40m
As the previous replies said, it depends on the horse. As long as you monitor your horse closely and notice any changes, you could probably start anytime. Start building up to a more structured routine, and some higher jumps anytime with lots of monitoring and care which could include vet, chiro, massage, standing wraps etc to make sure the horse is in good health and staying comfortable! If anything changes simply cut back on the work.

Horses can often do more work than what we offer, you just have to be vigilant in monitoring your horse and making sure everything is going well!
I also believe it depends on the horse. I think 5 is a safe age!
Hey! I think it depends on the horse, the tipe of training you do with her.

I have a 5yo that is jumping 80cm, she hasn't a very stable mind, so sometimes I can jump higher sometimes I have to work just with poles on the ground!

I rode a 4yo that jumped higher, she was super confident in her training and in me, we jumped two days per week! In winter she had a break from jumping and then she started again for competition!

I know it's not very clarifying, but I hope it helps!
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