Ask Adrienne Sternlicht : What are the most difficult classes that you have entered? What is your advice for a young rider who wants to make it to the professional level but cannot own his own horses?

Hi Abby!

That's a great question, I'd probably say some of the derbies I've jumped - the Spruce Meadows derby sticks out in my mind. The course is long and the hill is very intimidating! In terms of career advice, I'd say the harder you work, the luckier you get :) Most of the professionals that I've worked with in the industry are alway looking to advance the careers of young riders like yourself, offering working student positions. My best advice would be to identify several riders/trainers who you'd like to learn from and to approach them about a working student opportunity. A lot of times opportunities to ride arise in those situations or open doors to similar situations.

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