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What breed would you say is best for hunters (considering the looks and jumping ability)?

What breed would you say is best for hunters (considering the looks and jumping ability)?
In the hunters I have ridden Warmbloods (Hungarian) and QH’s. I always love a Oldenburg
@hayleyrosesmall I'm WAY TOO BIG for Welsh ponies 😂😂
Depends how big u are sometimes welshs can be real nic
Any breed of horse so long as they are calm and relaxed in the hunter ring and listening to your aids as well as the right size for you. Warmbloods are trendy...and for a reason they are big pretty and usually have a relaxed brain but just because they are the norm in the Hunter ring does not make them the best. I have seen a standardbred and Tennessee walker do great in a hunter ring too so do not let “gaited” turn you off from a nice horse. If they can walk trot and canter and take jumps with a calm and focused mind then they are great for a hunter show!
Irish sport horse, Quarter Horse and Paints!
I really like seeing Dutch Warmbloods in the ring, Oldenburgs, and a nice looking Thourough Breds with good brains do really well!
Along with the other suggestions, an Irish Draught might also be worth looking at.

it's always odd when people call them that, I actually had to google what they were when I first heard the term a few years back. Here in Ireland, they're just called Irish Sport Horses
Irish Sports Horse
Irish hunter! I have also great experiences with a Spanish Sporthose so I think it totally depends on your connection with the horse no matter which breed.
Personally I love Oldenburg and holsteiners and many of my favorite hunters are those breeds!