What is your daily feed/pasture/ride schedule for horse and throughout the week?

My Arabian gets 1-2h paddock time with a friend daily, and alternating 45min walker or another 1h paddock time a day. Flat work 4 days a week, 1 lunge day, 1-2 days of jumping
My eventer gets worked every day with one day off a week. He is lunged with a passoa once a week, hacked once a week, jumps 1-2 times and flat for the remainder. He gets 3 feeds (8am 12noon and 6pm) of a scoop chaff and 1/2 calm and condition with daily suplements.
My horse gets turned out 3-4h/day, walks 45min in the walker 6x/week, is ridden about 6x/week and fed hay and grain 4x/day
My piny gets turned out 5-6h/day, worked 5-6 days/week and is fed hay and grain 3/day
Both are competition horses
My guys are kind of all over the map. One is in a stall with daily hand walks due to an injury, but normally I prefer to have them all in dry lots either by themselves or with one other horse so there's no real need for turn out. And they all get worked 4-6 days a week depending on things like age, fitness, and their job.
Depends on the horse and what type of work I have them in I.e. competition, retired, maintenance etc.
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