What are your advices to keep your horse's hooves in good health during winter (to avoid mud fever, thrush,...)?

Keep the hair around their fetlocks and cornet band clipped and keep them out of wet/muddy conditions.
I like to use karetex hoof hardner in the winter to keep their feet healthy in the winter months also don’t get their feet wet when possible, finally you can use farriers formula smartpak stock keep their feet strong, you can even continue use through out the whole year.
For thrush I use diluted Lysol in a spray bottle, unlike bleach it leaves the good tissue alive as well as killing the bacteria. For mud fever and cracking hooves rinsing/brushing the legs free of mud when they come in and drying them off then putting hoof oil/lotion on and if you already have mud fever Scarlett oil, otherwise just make sure they are dry at some point of the day. If you have a draft or particularly furry legs and it is constantly muddy it is good to trim down the feathering a bit. Not so far as they do not have hair coverage though as you will still want protection from the cold without having to wrap them to keep them warm.
Brushing/rinsing off mud/snow when horses come in from the paddock, if you rinse it off towel legs after. Pick hooves out frequently. Oiling hooves a couple times a week. If you have a thrush prone horse or they have soft hooves, paint soles with 16% iodine, wear gloves and do not get it on the hair line.
Just try to keep them as clean and dry as possible...
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