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Where do you keep your phone while riding your horses?

Where do you keep your phone while riding your horses?
I wear kerrits breaches that have a special thigh side pocket for carrots, I place my phone there sometimes 😜
A zipped pocket
In a zip up pocket in my bodywarmer or jacket in winter, and during summer in my back pocket (high waist breeches) or special phone pocket in the riding leggings 😊
I usually wear a vest and put mine in there but sometimes I put it on the inside of my half chap
I normally just keep it in the back of the waistband of my jodhpurs.
Usually in a coat pocket but you can find riding tights with zip pockets that can hold your phone. I’m not sure about breeches since I only wear tights but I would assume you could find some?
I’ll normally wear jackets with pockets or jackets with large pockets on the inside lining
I leave it with my instructor but tell her not to answer it 😂
*jeans I’m wearing haha
If I’m wearing tall boots or cowboy boots I keep it in there at my inside ankle bone. But I generally use paddock boots so that’s obviously even more unsafe. I try to wear jackets with zip up pockets, that way I have easy access to my phone and still keep it safe while working with the horses. Depending on the jeans I’m eating (I generally wear breeches, sometimes jeans) I’ll keep it in my pocket, but I wouldn’t recommend it in case it falls while riding, especially if it doesn’t have a case. I usually only keep it in my back pocket if I’m wearing jeans and only doing chores and ground work. Hope this helps:)