Should I wrap my horses legs?🐎🐴

For equitation classes, it depends on if you are doing hunters or jumpers.

Hunters do not wear anything on their legs in the ring while jumpers often do.

While training at home I always provide my horse with some support whether boots or wraps to help prevent injuries
Hmmm. 🧐
I would only use them if they are required for shows or you need them for support on the legs if you are doing a harder workout than normal. If your horse wears them all the time then it can potentially weaken the tendons and ligaments as they become dependent on the support from the wrap.
Should I wear polos in the show ring? I show western pleasure and English equitation.
It depends on what displine you do. If you jump you should wear polos in the back and boots in the front. If you ride western you should have wraps for barrel racing/reining and polos for hack classes.
I currently use polos so.... any imput?
Why do you feel you might need to? Depending on that answer it will tell me what type of wrap you are thinking of needing( standing, polo, sweat etc.) and depending on what wrap you are thinking of I can tell you the circumstances I would use them for :)

Depends on you & your horse really snd what you feel is best

Hope this helps
You should typically wrap a horse’s leg after a hard workout (jumping/showing) or after you’ve been riding in a soggy or wet arena.
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