I am getting an older horse and I am a first time horse owner. I have leased before and part boarded. Is there anything I should be aware of when buying a first horse/older horse?

Thanks so much, but he is only fifteen. He actually had his birthday today! We did get check him and he turned out to be great only has a minor issue with his right lead because of balencing issues. Even though that was expected because he is an OTTB.
Did you do a pre purchase with a vet? I think at that age one would be important, more so you know what issues you will be dealing with (and there will be issues in older horses). I don’t mean get one to rule out this horse, like you would for a younger competition horse, but for your peace of mind (and wallet lol) so you know their limitations and the cost to you now and in the future.

Congratulations on your new horse!!

Thanks so so much. This really helps
I have an older companion horse (32) and he requires several meals a day of forage cubes( soup) and he cannot have treats to prevent choking. He cannot be ridden due to arthritis. BE READY TO CALL FOR THE VET 24/7. You never know with older horses. Have a lot of money set aside for the vet


Hope this helps!
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