ASK Destrier : I have an older horse (15), and he has very, very soft feet. What supplements should I feed him?

Thank you so much for answering my question!
Hello Anna,

A sof horn usually comes from an excess of humidity. It's not a feeding problem so we don't have the solution, but we can give you some tracks:
A soft sole shows a sensitive recess under a thumb pressure.

Be careful, the excess of humidity fosters thrush (bacterium proliferation).

Having different origins, it's not always easy to identify the problem.
But you have to intervene quickly because the horse's locomotion is made thanks to healthy hooves.

- a litter always wet
- a wet or muddy outside environment
- wet seasons
- a lack of exercises


- put your horse in a dry environment and on a clean litter
- apply grease before showering instead of after
- protect the hoof with a film-forming grease

Hoping we gave you some advices,
We remain at your disposal if you have any feeding questions,


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