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Friesian/Gypsy Vanner/ long-haired breeds people: How do you keep forelocks thick and long for competition?

Friesian/Gypsy Vanner/ long-haired breeds people: How do you keep forelocks thick and long for competition?
Just to clarify, I'm hoping to learn some sort of method or technique to better take care and preserve the forelock hair. He's got great nutrition and all his other hair is in fanastic condition, he's just got extra delicate forelock hair. I'd love to learn how the people with the long haired breeds like the friesians and gypys and the like, who do the breed shows where hair matters, how they like to preserve their forelocks over the winter
Maybe try biotin. It's usually used to strengthen hooves, but it works on hair too. Although Selenium can promote hair growth, it can also cause hair loss if there's too much so it may be worth checking his diet
Preserve it, like wrapping or maybe a specific way of braiding? Or maybe some method I haven't thought
He gets Omega Horseshine every day and has a gorgeously thick mane. That's what's driving me crazy about his forelock, his mane hair is very thick and healthy, never comes out and is always growing. His tail isn't the absolute thickest, but it's very healthy tough hair. Here's also got really shiny healthy coat. So it definitely isn't a nutrition issue, it's that his forelock hair is particularly delicate. I'm hoping to figure out some way to
I would try adding flax oil or sho-glo or some other coat enhancing supplement to his diet. He might be missing some nutrients so his hair is falling out.
I would go too green hawk and see if they have any hair solution that would work for him. I have an exactly different problem, my horses hair is sooo thin. I use a hair growth serum that is typically made for people but is hypoallergenic and organic. That serum is making it thicker, I can see if I can find the name for you.
Hope this helps!
*forelock, and I would hate to loose it. Any and all suggestions are welcome!
I have a Lusitano gelding with a lovely forelock, great length, great volume, but the hair comes falls out INSANELY easily. The hair itself is very thin and will come out just from touching it, let alone brushing. I try to keep it braided all the time, but then it becomes a rats nest and when I try to detangle it, tons comes out, even though I keep it very well conditioned and has lots of detangler. I've tried keeping it loose but he looses hairs every time the halter and bridle comes on and off and if he itches his face, so I feel like the braiding it better, but still isn't great.
What should I do??? I love his cute forlock and