My horse keeps licking walls and people and metal, he also does it at shows, do you have any ideas why? Anything will help xx

I have a feeling it's just habit as he's done it since I got him and I don't see it as a problem but he goes get some weird looks at shows when he's licking a metal bar 😂😂😂😂
My horse does that too!! He has salt but he prefers to lick my face and my clothes!! There's nothing wrong with him... I like to believe he just have lots of love to give 😂
Could just be a weird habit that he has. One of the horses at my barn does that too and doesn’t have any medical issues
I agree with Carlie in that he might have a mineral deficiency. It may not necessarily be sodium (salt) but another trace mineral. It could also be a weird comfort thing to him.
He has a salt rock
It might taste nice to him (I know horses are weird 😂😂) as to the show part that quite possibly could be nerves
Salt rock works
He could be lacking something in his diet try feeding a vitamin and mineral supplement and give him a salt block if he doesn't already have one.
He has one which is the weird part
Have you tried keeping a salt lick in his stable?
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