What are your thoughts on CWD saddles and what saddle do you recommend?

The horse I lease can only be ridden in a CWD say first you may fubd it uncomfortable but you will get used to it and has an exceptional ride I also use a halfpad
I don‘t know anything about CWD saddles but I‘ve a Kiefer and a Prestige saddle and both are great 😊👍🏻
I’ve ridden in a CWD and quite frankly, I prefer my Collegiate saddle. Collegiates are wonderfully designed saddles and are retailed with a price that’s under $1200.
I love my cwd personally and I also love my custom butet premium highly recommend both
I don't know about CWD, but Devachue is great. (I don't know if I spelled that right) I have a Devachue and it's amazing
I have a lovely CWD though it is on the more expensive side of life if fits really well. I recommend a 2G with carbon filling. It's lightweight and super comfortable
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