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Do you think breastplates can change the jump of a horse and how ?

Do you think breastplates can change the jump of a horse and how ?
Depends on the breastplate :)
Horses have a natural jump on their own. There’s a point where you can enhance technique. I don’t believe breastplates do that. I feel like some breastplates if fitted incorrectly can cause a ‘block’ In a horses jump and restricts shoulder movement but when fitted properly it’s mainly just an extra piece of tack to assist with the saddle not slipping back :)
I’ve used them. It depends on why you need it if it’s a saddle sliding issue that would affect your horse jumping more than the breastplate. I never noticed it effecting the horses stride or jumping.
@kirakelley I wouldn't trust that theirs doesn't impede the jump. The proposal that some breastplates do impede the jump seems sound enough in that study
I think it depends what breastplate it is.
I read the study and I don’t trust it. It was done by Fairfax who produced a breastplate which supposedly doesn’t affect a jump but that’s simply a tactic used to convince people to buy their product. It’s a biased statement.
More studies need to be done but not from sellers themselves.
Not to mention, there are multiple types of breastplates.
The training, tack, and individuality of the horse and rider need to be accounted for.
Yes the whole article is a great read I enjoyed it very much. Before I even read it I had the same thought.
There was a recent study (maybe this is where you got the question from?) that showed a breastplate shortened the jump and affected the forelimb movements.
Hello Camden :)

I read that yes, it changes the jump, it is shortened when a horse is wearing a breastplate. It also depends on the type of breastplate, but in any way the jump is affected.

This article is really good if you want more information :
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