Ask @tesscarmichael : The Global Champions League was highly criticized when it was launched, what's your opinion about it and would you be part of a team?

Hi Mark

The Global Champions League (GCL) is so unique. There is nothing else like it in show jumping and for our sport to develop with the times, something like this was needed. Unless riders compete on teams for their countries there was no other opportunity to jump for a team or be able to be on a team with riders from other countries. The GCL allows them to do this. It adds another element to our sport which I think is a good thing.

The Longines Global Champions Tour was the first of its type when it started and I think the development of the GCL was a natural progression. Jan Tops is always looking for ways to promote and develop the sport. With the Global Champions Tour he’s not content with staying the same, for him it’s important to keep improving it and developing it. He’s continually adding new locations and now with the team event it’s another very unique competition.

I would personally love to jump on the GCL for a team but I need to be a MUCH better rider and MUCH MUCH braver!!

Thanks for your question!
Tess ☺
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