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What horse treats are best to give to your horse?

What horse treats are best to give to your horse?
German Beet treats! They are lovely!! Horses love them!!
After a good training, I give them sugar cubes, because usually I give them treats while they have the bit in their mouth and sugar dissolves in their mouth!
I have some treats that you buy in horse stores to give them when I put them in the stable!
Hope it helps
You can give your horse peppermints or there are sone treats made SPECIFICALLY for training. You can also make DIY horse treats which is really fun!
I know my horse loves peppermints and peppermint treats, lol he won’t touch a licorice stick though.
Hi Kate,
There are a great variety of healthy treats to give. I like giving apples and carrots. They love licorice as well, but I tend to limit how much I give because of the sugar content. I also sometimes give dried beet root which has some good health benefits.