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What do you feed your high performance horses?

What do you feed your high performance horses?
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We event, so it’s important that we get the correct minerals and fiver in the systems. I feed ‘Dengie ALFA A +oils’ to my boys as the chaff is hard and makes sure they chew their food - one had an uncer problem so I tend to choose harder chaff to make sure he produces saliva to help his stomach. I also use ‘Allen and page CALM & CONDITION’ it’s a beet pulp that you soak and it contains similar to pony nuts but in a more easily digestible forum. They constantly have access to pony nuts inside their treat balls when they are stabled. We use a ‘thunderbrook DAILY ESSENTIALS’ supplement and a ‘equine America GLUCOSAMINE’ for joints. We also add Turmiric to our horse with arthritis’ feed as that helps him.
In the summer we will probably look for a higher energy feeds for when we are out most weekends- a mix or something along those lines. However if your horse has had ulcers then it would be good to avoid mix as it’s difficult for them to digest. And if you have a highly strung horse then mix might just make them hot headed and unhandleble.
Hope this helps!