If you had a chance to ride any horse, past or present, who would it be?

Huaso of course
100% I would ride Meredith's horse Shutterfly.
Definatley one of Jessica Springsteen’s horses or my horse Shenedoah Fountain aka Flower
Fir for fun & Noblesse des tess
HH Azur (jumper) and Say When (hunter)
Hickstead and okie dokie ❤️
valegro hickstead my horse dave and big ben
Hickstead or Big Ben!
Also Cornet39, Gem Twist, Dual Star, Cortes C, Valegro, Hickstead, Man O War, Secretariat, Pumped Up Kicks, Rothchild, and Atlantis
Snowman ❤️
HH Azur to!
Emerald or Darco
Secretariat and Valegro 🐴🐴
HH azur!!
Big Star or Casall😍
Secretariat and tommy( he was a shetland pony my riding stables had when i was just a kid he died about 3 years ago aged 33 from leukemia 😢)
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