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I have plenty of nonhorsey friends and I need some good arguments on why horseback riding is a sport, what are yours?

I have plenty of nonhorsey friends and I need some good arguments on why horseback riding is a sport, what are yours?
We ride and control 840-2400 pound animals, first off I think that’s pretty cool, but going on they could kill us at any moment like throwing us off? Rotational falls? I could go on, our “ball” has a mind of its own when lacrosse, soccer, volleyball does not 😂 Also, Show Jumping we jumps 1.20 in Grand Prix, Dressage you a literally dancing with a horse, western is just, wow, barrels, you go so fast! I wouldn’t know I do jumping I could go on but I’m not going to 😂 just stat the facts to them
dude 😂it is in the Olypics and that means that it is a sport so this is bombproof argument
Haha I have exactly the same problem! I've given up trying- my new one is 'if you can stop on my horse for 5 minutes without getting decked I'll agree with you' they usually stop after that😂
My lovely horse loves to express himself😁
Ugh I hate this... I have tried for many years to come up with reasons that make sense to them.

- you’re riding a 1,000 lb animal that could kill you if they wanted to

- you have to communicate using almost only your legs...

- your “equipment” (just saying this to compare to other sports equipment, not saying a horse is just that, because of course they are more!!!) has a mind of its own, making it more dangerous than any other sport

(This is a main point that people just don’t understand! Everything in the olympics is a sport! Curling is considered a sport... but people don’t consider riding a sport?! They’re crazy!)

And of course, you can always invite them to ride... I have never done this, but it’s something I have always wanted to do. And you have to go really hard on them. Critique everything and make them work as hard as they can until they are sweating and feel like they are dying... then have them canter.

Is that evil? Pretty much, but it’s guaranteed to make them change their mind! And if they don’t... I wouldn’t be friends with them. (JK! Be friends with whoever you want, even if they can’t accept the obvious fact that horseback riding IS a sport)
It gets so frustrating girl I feel, what I have found is that you really have no way to win. And if they change their opinion what do you gain?? The most important thing is that horses make you happy and fulfilled. If they want to be closed minded then that is their fault!!! Think of all the energy we waste trying to prove ourselves, it’s a lot of energy that would benefit you more if you put it somewhere where you will succceed!! So ignore them their opinions are irrelevant keep doing you girl!!
Lol this is so true. Well it depends on what they do but you can say something like I can communicate with a animal that does not speak my language and somehow it always work. đŸ€Ż