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How to get over panic attacks/anxiety when riding?

How to get over panic attacks/anxiety when riding?
I get that a lot because I have anxiety in general. Here’s some tips that can help you with that.

Do some breathing exercises. For example: breathe in four seconds, hold for five seconds, breathe out six seconds. Repeat this many times for 2-5 minutes until you feel better.

Walk around, jog, warm up riding, etc. This will help get your nerves out and relax in the saddle. Move around a lot so you aren’t shaky.

When you have a panic attack, I suggest the breathing exercises and running over the course a few times in your head. Think of the color blue and that you’re just going to have fun with your horse, it’ll just be you and your horse. Tell yourself you’ll do good even if you don’t. Don’t let yourself hyperventilate, that happened to me once and I got super light headed and faint in the saddle.

Think of a pattern and count things. Think of a song to distract you. I hope this helps. Usually I just do this and make myself ride because I know if I don’t do it, now matter how nervous and anxiety ridden I am, I’ll regret it. I hope this helps, and you can message me if you need more help
I used to ride with a girl who would get bad panic attacks and completely freeze up and not respond to anyone. I think she just worked on build By a bondher horse and trusting him more. She was more confident in her riding and felt more in control after that. I’m not 100% sure that’s all she did but I think it is. Good luck!
Do a lot of liberty work with your horse. It will allow you to build a stronger bond witch might help
Panic attacks seem a pretty extreme reaction, and may be indicative of something bigger/deeper. It might be worth going to a therapist for a few sessions, even just to develop coping methods and to discover their trigger.
Just keep riding then they should stop ✋ the more you do it the more (hopefully) they should start to slow down
I'm not sure what causes your attacks.

But I helped out a girl once that used to have an anxiety attack every few rides.

The more she rode the less they occurred. Also when she had the attacks I had her pull her shirt up to her face and breathe through it. By doing this you are able to slow down the attack and stop it as you are no longer breathing in too much oxygen too fast.