If you could be apart of any Global Champions league team, which team would you choose and who would you like to be your team mates?

Miami glory, georgina, emily Moffitt, and Scott brash
Edwina tops- Alexander
John Whitaker
Jessica Springsteen
Nicola philipaerts
Marcus Ehning
Scott Brash
Ben Maher
Daniel Deusser
What a great question!
My teammates
Jessica Springsteen
Edwina tops-Alexander
Audrey coulter
Olivier Philippaerts
My dream team
Mavis spencer
Edwina tops-alexander
Scott brash
Good question!! :-))

My team: @mavisspencer, @danielbluman, @emilymoffittoff, @gercoofficial and Kent Farrington.
Hello @chiaraamor,

My fav: St Tropez Pirates - 4th in the ranking at the moment 🔥

My dream team:
- Edwina Tops-Alexander
- @karenpolle
- @lorenzodeluca
- Julien Epaillard
- Marcus Ehning
Kent Farmington,Kevin Staut,Marcus Ehning, Eric Lamaze and my favorite Margie Goldstein Engle. To many amazing people to choose from!
Hello Chiara ! I love the concept of the Global Champions League ! if I could, I would be apart of the London Knights team because I just love Kent Farrington and @emilymoffittoff in particular !

If I could create my own team, my dream team mates would be : @alexandrapaillot Luciana Diniz Bertram Allen @thierryrozier and Daniel Deusser !

What would be yours?
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