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Why do you ride horses (is there a meaning behind it or do you just do it for fun)?

Why do you ride horses (is there a meaning behind it or do you just do it for fun)?
I have always ridden, but it’s so special because you can connect with a horse at such a different level than with any other animal
Besides the fact that I just love horses it helps me with some of my anxiety and self confidence issues. I was a competitive dancer for 8 years prior to riding and the team I was on was very judgmental and no matter what would try and make me feel less than and worthless. They blamed every problem on me and all the girls on my team bullied me for those 8 years. I finally quit and started riding and I felt such a relief. I hadn’t been so excited and happy about doing something in over 8 years and just fell in love with the sport. I feel more confident when I’m on/around horses. And my trainer and the people at my barn make it a very comfortable and happy place to be!
Riding to me is extremely therapeutic. I started riding when I was 8 and anytime the world felt upside down, I could always count on the horses to make it right. Growing up I would have moments of anxiety but being at the barn I always felt myself and the anxiety would always go away. Being around horses is my escape and my time to let go of everything. I’m far from competitive riding but maybe someday. Right now the barn is my second home and my peace of mind. And with some hard work who knows where the road will lead.
@volleyball_ana_horses wow! That’s such a sweet riding story😍
I started to ride when I was very young, it made me so happy and I loved the sport. When i started I didn’t realize just how important it was to me and I ride for fun. Now I ride competitively and am working on competing in Trilluam with my new horse.
@sydneymondorf I have been riding my entire life and for a long time was always striving for perfection. Unfortunently that got me no where and led me to frustration and anger in myself as I wasn't reaching perfection. Perfection is not attainable but excellence is! So from one driven rider to the next I give you my favourite saying "don't strive to perfection drive yourself to reach excellence" Excellence is defined as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.
The persuit of perfection...
I ride them because their amazing. There so much trust and connection and so much love, I can’t even describe it. Also, because I love horses!