Did you ever tried mesotherapy for arthritis or back diseases?

As Ian said, it's a temporary solutions but I think it can be useful. For example, to release a horse from pain for some time in order to build him a good back. I think it depends on the horse, it has to be used on case-by-case basis :)
Hi :) Personally I won't use it on my horse. For me, it's a temporary solution, the effects won't last forever, and the more you use it, the less it will last... The results are superficial.
I rather use massages, stretching,... it lasts longer and the results are real !
Hello Cassie ! I didn't try but my trainer did on her 9 years old horse who suffered from a bad back. It helped him, he doesn't seem to suffer anymore. But, in order to be efficient, the treatment had to be made several times, I think that it's the key of the success of this kind of medication.

Every horse is different so I guess it really depends on the horse and the disease :)
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