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Should I brush my horse’s mane and tail everyday?

Should I brush my horse’s mane and tail everyday?
I only brush my boys tail after it’s been WELL conditioned just so I don’t pull or break the hairs in his tail. But I frequently brush his mane
Hey! I also brush the mane and tail every time I ride my horses! I use detangler on the tail, it stays clean and easy to brush! It is easier when I go to competition or have apresentations!
I also wash the tail once a week to prevent rubbing!
Hope it helps
There is no need to really, but I like to brush my horses tail at least once a week. (She’s also a mare so it can prevent her from itching her tail more often)
Í hope it works for you
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I do not agree with Jasmin, Í always brush my horse's mane and tail everyday. I use a product that leaves it very easy and sometimes I do not even use it, but the habit leaves it clean and silky
Hi Anna, i personally do not bruch my horse’s main and tail everydag I find that it this the hair out especially the tail.

I only brush out for shows after the tail is clean and sparyed with detangler.