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Do you also go through riding pants like almost every 3 months?

Do you also go through riding pants like almost every 3 months?
No, I don’t have this issue. Although, depending how much and how hard you ride, that can factor it. I highly recommend Ariat, Irideon, and Smartpak Pipers. They’re all wonderful breeches that hold up well.
I purchased romfhs over a year ago and have been in them nearly everyday, they’re dependable and not too expensive compared to others, I would try those if you haven’t already
Mine don’t go that fast! Maybe it’s the brand you are getting? Try getting one pair of pants from a nice higher end brand and see if those are any better. My pants usually last years...
Katelyn no once a week maybe or if they really need it
Are you washing them every time? I've noticed the more you wash them the most the stitching comes loose.
I have no idea and they are not the cheapest brand either
Mine don’t go as fast as 3 months-I ride nearly everyday-but I do feel they last longer when they are hang dried. Perhaps it’s the material?
The only pair I've had that went in the groin area (but definitely not in just 3 months) were a thin pair of cotton jods that were a tenner. I used them for warm weather riding, but 4/5 horses a day 7 days a week. Is it always the same brand? I'd be pretty annoyed if mine were going that fast
No I’m not really sure Caoimhe I don’t wash them like crazy I wash them in cold water and dry on low heat. And they go in the groin area.
Nope, my oldest pair of jods are about 12 years old now, my newest pair is about 3. Any idea why you're going through so many pairs?