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What is the best calming supplement or item available that really works?

What is the best calming supplement or item available that really works?
Hi Bonnie,

Have you tried Magnesium by Nupafeed? It’s the daily feed one.

Essential oils are great but some horses are sensitive to some oils.
Hey! I used Good as Gold from TRM, it's natural so it's not dopping!
It really works, I recently used on a mare that was driving me crazy, she wasn't letting me teach her nothing because she wasn't paying attention.. now I don't need it anymore, she's working just fine!
I used in competition horses too and it worked really well, specially on the young ones!
Hope it helps
I really like ViaCalm
I keep seeing people say essential oils, they are great for calming! BUT... if you are planning on going to horse shows where they do drug tests (sanctioned by FEI, EC,USEF,ect...) , almost every essential oil will test positive so use at your discretion!
I use a drug free, non transdermal, self adhesive calming patch. I love it for shows and riding as it cams the mind, but keeps the body ready to work. Never sluggish or slow feeling. Works for about 12-24 hours! if you want to know more send me an email [email protected]
magnesium or “so calm” 👍🏼👍🏼
Hello Bonnie :)

As said before, essential oils are really efficient for horse stress. I am a big fan of therapeutic treatments, and was never disappointed !

You can use single oils or blends, just keep in mind that you have to be careful with them :)

Here are some essential oils that could help you : lavender, valerian, roman chamomile, citrus fresh or vetiver essential oils.

There are many more really great for relaxation but you can try with these ones first.

You can read this article about essential oils for stressed horses here if you want more information :

I hope it helped :)
Rescue remedy works really well and it's natural! You have to be careful with essential oils some Are very toxic to animals! I know lavender and peppermint are extremely toxic to cats... Not sure if it's the same for a horse, but I would do some research before just using them!
Honestly essential oils work the best. My preferences are lavender, rose, chamomile, and frankincense.
If you can find something with magnesium, that works really well! It didn’t work for my mare but it worked great on a few of the geldings in my barn.
Essential oils work really well for us. Lavender is big one. You can put some on your hand and let them smell/lick it. Some horses like some while others don't, you'll have to play around. Look up calming oils and see what you can find :)
My opinion on calming supplements is that they should not be used and are not fair. If the source of the issue is the stomach or possibly ulcers, I highly recommend ulcer guard and platinum performance gastric support.