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How much do warm blood weanlings/yearlings cost?

How much do warm blood weanlings/yearlings cost?
Not that much 2,000 to 15000
I do know some are going for 5grand and up, so was just curious to what is more normal for one that age
Have a look at similar mixes and bloodlines, and see what they are making. There's a huge range in prices, so nobody would really be able to give you a definite answer.
I'm wondering because, I'm breeding my thoroughbred mare to a warm-blood stallion my mare has decent bloodlines and so does the stallion and the foal would b the under Canadian warm-blood but the foal will b for sale
You may be able to find a weanling for less, as the owner has less invested into the horse already.
It is highly dependent on their breeding.
Unknown or poor breeding: 5,000-10,000
Well bred sport horses: 15,000+