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What are the must haves in a grooming kit?

What are the must haves in a grooming kit?
Scissors, curry, body brush, Hoof Pick, mane and tail brush, and other suplements :)
A hoof pick is definitely the main thing you will need in a grooming kit, then you need a curry comb which is used for the bigger more muscley parts of the horses body, a hard brush which gets a lot of the excess dirt off. There are also other brushes, like a Face brush, a soft brush, a hair brush etc.... But yeah they are the must haves in a grooming kit.
hope this help :)
Aside from the basics like brushes and a hoof pick, it’s always handy to have baby wipes
Hoof pick, curry, hard brush. Those are the bones of a grooming tote
The basics that are needed from proper grouping are curry comb, brushes, comb, tail brush, hoof pick (depending on what you are preparing for:) show sheen or detangler, whitening spray if your horse is white, and any ointments or sprays that you use for cuts or injury